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First year in AIMove: The teaser

The teaser of AIMove's first year is now online. It has been a gorgeous full-bodied year, and we can't wait for the next upcoming in October 2019. Watch, Enjoy & Share  

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2018-19 Students’ testimonials

What do the students of AIMove say about their experience? My name is Kevin Giroux, and I was software Engineer in Thales Services. During my various projects, I can get the requirement/feature of my client, and each time, they ask for more intelligent systems. But...

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MINES ParisTech ResearchDay

MINES ParisTech ResearchDay is the annual event and a great opportunity to discover remarkable research projects and to interact with the different talents of the School. 21 booths, phd pitching, start-ups ... Come over find us at 'Collaborative Robotics:...

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Lecture by NeurodataLab

Automatic emotion recognition is a challenging task due to the various channels emotions can be expressed with. Data collected from real conversations are difficult to classify using one modality or channel (e.g., face images). That is why multimodal techniques have...

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Lecture: The spatiality of strokes

This will be followed by AIMove student presentations on their use of the AxiDraw machine. ------ Speaker : Renaud Chabrier Title: The spatiality of strokes Abstract: Drawing is strongly related to space and movement representation Our...

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Learning Expedition 2019

Students meet the experts of two companies, the greek smart city and a research institute. Among the visions of AIMove's pedagogical program is the interdisciplinary approach of the today’s AI engineer, and thus, a summer school abroad is destined after the course...

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Industrial visit at MODELAB hosted at STATION F

19 février 2019 MODELAB is a print magazine specialised in mode and innovation.  ’’Our ambition is to develop a critical look at fashion and innovation. To do this we seek to shake the fashion sphere and shake up existing consensus.’’. MODELAB magazine is situated...

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