Summer School

A series of workshops, seminars and learning expeditions are hosted every year by a different institution, giving students and selected participants a practical approach to AI topics, all in a creative and balmy summer setting.

Objectives of the course

– Discover scientific methods and tools used for interaction in the field of AI and movement

– Learn how to design digital interfaces using motion capture and gesture recognition technologies

– Develop a creative and innovative approach in the design and deployment of interactive systems

Detailed content of the course

Like the Think-Tank, the Summer School aims to bring together professionals from the Artificial Intelligence and Movement field, to reinforce exchanges between industries, scientists, artists and students, but in a more pedagogical perspective. The curriculum is structured in the form of courses with specific learning objectives. The theoretical themes addressed in the MS will be complemented here by technical aspects. For example, students will be able to experiment with software and algorithms for data processing, gesture recognition, creation of interactive interfaces and VR / AR. 

Unlike the Think-Tank, which aims to stimulate global thinking around AI, the Summer School has a more ‘applied’ and concrete objective, giving participants the opportunity to develop mini-projects or a group project and to present them at the end of the Summer School.

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