Artificial intelligence
Fundamentals of AI
Fundamentals of AI
and gesture recognition
Motion capture, modeling and gesture recognition
Interactive systems
and gesture recognition
Interactive systems
User Interaction and User Experience
Collaborative robotics
Collaborative robotics
and gesture recognition
Humans, machines and connected objects
Industrial and scientific challenges of AI for robotics
and gesture recognition
Industrial and scientific challenges of AI for robotics
Movement and European industrial leadership
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Our post master gets a makover! Discover all the new courses

Our post master gets a makover! Discover all the new courses

Our Post Master gets a makeover and becomes "AIMove: Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Interactive Systems". AI remains at the heart of the program, enriched with new courses in robotics, design and prototyping, planning and control, human-robot collaboration,...

Apply now and become a HAI specialist

Apply now and become a HAI specialist

Thrive as a HAI specialist.Learn the tenets of Human-Centred AI, hone your skills in machine learning, computer vision, UI/UX, motion capture, with a broad application in the areas of the Factory of the Future, Autonomous Vehicles and the Cultural and Creative...

We are hiring – Pedagogical Engineer & Manager

We are hiring – Pedagogical Engineer & Manager

We are currently looking for a passionate Pedagogical Engineer & Manager who will conceptualise and implement the digital pedagogical content for AIMove. For further information about the desirable profile, expected experience and the benefits from working within...



Why choose AIMove ?

Overview & objectives

Academic instructors

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Modules and Courses

Why choose AIMove

AIMove is a Post Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Movement, taught in English, delivered by the globally renowned MINES ParisTech. In partnership with prominent academic institutions and professionals in France and the world, this international postgraduate programme is addressed to engineers and highly qualified graduates from the fields of computer science, informatics, mathematics, automation, electronics or other relevant disciplines.


What makes AIMove unique is that it offers to students adouble expertise. Graduates will be specialised both in AI technologies and human movement understanding. AIMove responds to the emerging needs of both industry and society by promoting awareness of AI and ensuring immediate employment for those who want to pursue a career in AI.

To ensure the match between education and market demands, AIMove partners with industries and academia. This Post Master’s Degree enables participants to acquire expertise in a rapidly growing field, addressing a multitude of topics through courses on gesture recognition, machine learning, movement capture and analysis, human-computer interaction, collaborative and creative robotics, etc.


After 6-months of intensive courses, graduates will be considered “movement engineers”, capable to manage collaborative robotics projects, develop movement-based interactive systems, and design innovative solutions for the factory of the future or the industry of autonomous vehicles. Students’ access to the labour market is facilitated by mandatory internships in high-tech enterprises.

Overview & Objectives

Scope and objectives

The AI Programme aims to

– train project managers able to conceive, implement and take over interactive systems or intelligent workspace projects by enhancing the sensorimotor and cognitive capabilities of the user.

– create experts in movement engineering, prepared to take responsibility in the industry, integrating motion capturing, machine learning and movement-based interaction.

– promote interdisciplinary AI engagement

The need for AIMove

Industrial – Addressing the challenges where «movement and AI» can bring solutions

Networking – Creation of a hub of professionals and experts

Skills for Jobs – A well-rounded educational programme for a professionnal transformation of the engineer

Academic – Emerging pedagogical methods through R&D

Targeted competencies

AI and societal challenges

Motion capture, modeling and pattern recognition

User Interaction/User Experience (UI/UX)

Humans, machines and connected objects

Movement and European industrial leadership

Interdisciplinary AI engagement

Movement engineers’career paths

The movement engineer could pursue a career as (among others):

Machine Learning Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer Project leader in Collaborative Robotics

Project leader in Game Building and Gameplay

Concept engineer for the developement of movement-based interactive systems

Innovation manager for the Factory of the Future

TEL Manager in industry

Expert industrial coach on movement and AI

SME-founder on movement and AI

Targeted industrial sectors

Creative Industries

Security and Defense

Smart Automotive Vehicles


Arts, Cultural Industries and Museums

Entry requirements

5 years at University level or 4 years at University level

3 years’ professional experience

IELTS score: 6.5


In partnership with:

Sotiris Manitsaris

Director of AIMove

Alina Glushkova

Deputy Director of AIMove

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Why choose AIMove

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