We open our doors on the occasion of an event organised thanks to AIMove’s cooperative ecosystem and its multidisciplinary commitment. In partnership with maxon France, expert in motorization and mechatronics, designer of electric micro-motor solutions for robotics, medical, industry and aeronautics for more than 30 years, AIMove has the great pleasure to invite you to « AI and Motion » 2-day seminar,  on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 February 2020, at MINES ParisTech.

Day 1: covers the basics of intelligent autonomous motion. What are the building blocks for standard robotic solutions? How do they interact? What are the limitations and where do they come from? In the afternoon we look look in more detail at the embodiment of AI. What is an intelligent gripper design for instance? It’s about friction, damping, haptics and impedance control.

Day 2:  treats the challenges that AI faces when combined with real world motion. We take the UAV as a starting point for discussions about tasks hierarchy, control, sensors and collaboration. In the afternoon we summarize our findings combining all the aspects that have been discussed so far with the example of a humanoid robot. What can we learn from nature? How is intelligence embodied in humans? How could the building blocks for AI in motion look like?

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Speakers : Urs KAFADER et Erick BUSSE-GRAWITZ
Date : Wednesday 12 et Thursday February 13  2020
Time : 09h30 – 16h30 & 9h30 – 16h00
Where : MINES ParisTech, room Chevalier (Feb 12), room Vendôme (Feb13)
Language: Anglais

You may find the programme here

It is a great opportunity to get to know more about AIMove and its activities. We count on your presence and hope to meet you there.
The number of the attendees is limited to 30.

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