It is with great delight that two AIMove students participated and won the 2nd prize during the 9th Edition of the INTERNATIONAL CREATE CHALLENGE that took place on Aug 22nd to 30th at Martigny, Switzerland, organized and hosted at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland, academic partner of AIMove. 

G’Express: an AI project related to gesture recognition. 
Gexpress, short for Gesture Express, aims to bridge the gap between online teaching platform and users gesture expression, in order to bring more natural interaction during video communication. With the help of computer vision and deep learning, teacher and students gestures will be enhanced by triggering emoji, sound or animation in real-time video stream.

Here is what the team – composed by Zaiwei Zhang, Long Jiao(AIMove student) and  Di Ai (AIMove student) shared with us:

 » We only had a basic idea before the hackathon, and during 9 days we succeeded in building a prototype.

We worked on three main axis: the integration of a hand pose estimation framework (MediaPipe), the machine learning algorithms for gesture recognition based on hand skeletons, and the rendering of visual and sound effect into live video stream.

It was a great experience for all three of us, we learned a lot, we discovered the beautiful city Martigny, and we had a great time with other teams and with the organizer Idiap. We even ate a special local raclette served by a robot with kinesthetic teaching from Sylvain Calinon (academic director of AIMove for Idiap)s team!  🙂

9 days were passed really fast, and we will continue working on this project in order to improve the running speed as well as algorithm accuracy and robustness, and to add more features and UI.  »






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