Our Post Master gets a makeover and becomes « AIMove: Artificial Intelligence for Robotics and Interactive Systems ».

  • AI remains at the heart of the program, enriched with new courses in robotics, design and prototyping, planning and control, human-robot collaboration, etc. The goal is to permit students to acquire skills for developing the robot’s perception and decision-making process by keeping a balance between the software and hardware aspects of robotics.
  • More courses given by companies, more talks, and use cases presented by professionals not only to better respond to technical and scientific challenges of tomorrow’s professional world but also to permit the students to start building their network and meet the French and European leading companies in the field.
  • An optimal balance between theory and practice is reached through a better proportion of academic theoretical presentations and practical hands-on projects where the students work with robots (collaborative robots, mobile robots, etc.), sensors, and machines to conceive, design, prototype, and implement mechanisms for human-machine/robot interaction. The projects and examples students work on cover a broad area of applications from industrial ones to social, medical, or even creative robotics. AIMove students become experts in AI but also have a lot of fun and fully use their creative skills!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info and to apply to our program.


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