A 3-day intense workshop led by the studio RADICAL_DESIGN

As a sequence of the lecture  »New forms of interaction for culture and creation’, the studio RADICAL_DESIGN proposed a 3-day intense workshop under the theme of  Tesseract: Hybrid Motion Tracking.

Within the framework of the development of an augmented reality table, the Tesseract project consists in creating a hybrid motion tracking system combining IMU and Computer Vision for tangible objects moved with the hands or worn on the body (jewellery, clothes). These « active » objects are able to emit a light signature (beacon) in the visible or non-visible spectrum. In order to track these objects, it is necessary to create a software toolkit capable of merging sensor data with those of the camera and also to perform predictive control of the movements, accelerations and orientations of the objects, using state estimation algorithms (Kalman filters). In a first step, a pure software prototype has been developed and in a second step, a GPU-based solution was proposed using Nvidia Jetson Nano and Nvidia AGX Xavier cards available during the project.

The other teams worked with hardware elements and specific electronic textile hardware was developed combining soft resisting fabrics with IMU and color-changing LEDs that have been tracked by machine vision systems.

In progress of the ‘Iron Man Apparatus’ project

The objective of this workshop has been to experiment with rapid prototyping of soft electronics related to body motion or object tracking through AI techniques and dedicated hardware (GPU). By becoming familiar with rapid prototyping platforms, students were able to create their own POC (proof-of-concept) for their next projects in their professional context. The research and creative challenges of this project were adapted to the skills of the students so they can learn in a pragmatic way, transforming abstract concepts into concrete know-how.

The ‘Connected Glove’ project







TESSERACT: Hybrid Motion Tracking

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