What do the students of AIMove say about their experience?

My name is Kevin Giroux, and I was software Engineer in Thales Services. During my various projects, I can get the requirement/feature of my client, and each time, they ask for more intelligent systems. But what is the definition of Artificial Intelligence? Everyone speaks about this term, but is it so simple? To know what Artificial Intelligence is, I decide to quit my job, to discover this meaning. Here starts my year with AImove post masters’ degree.

Aimove is a post master’s degree where you will have the opportunity to discuss, learn, and experiment about AI and also movement and everything that is related to this topic.

Understanding how as a Movement Engineer, I can detect gesture and make a machine (robot) recognize them as well will be the future in different fields of the industry. Today, machine learning technics allow vehicles to detect people, where the next step will be understanding the motion of this same person.

During the Post Masters’ degree AIMove, you will not only learn how to code Machine Learning or an AI algorithm, but more importantly in which case I have to use this algorithm instead of another, developing a critical thinking. Most of the online MOOC can provide this knowledge about coding and AIMove’s main goal goes beyond that. The most important goal of AIMove is to provide knowledge and a way to understand the correct and the most efficient way to use the AI tools in the movement field.

During this year I have the opportunity to assimilate experience and knowledge in order to accomplish the different projects that I will encounter in the future. These projects are closed to the real applications found in industry and will become your passport as AIMove Engineer in the future.

AIMove is also a great adventure, with a lot of experts that will come from around the globe, all willing to share their knowledge and their projects. Discussion with these experts is the best way to learn and build a very impressive work.

Kevin Giroux

As a form of training I liked the courses’ diversity and the demanding task of learning new things in a short period of time. Excited by  our chance to meet professors from other universities as well as professionals from the industries. So the diversity of the activities (conferences, visits etc), as the direct contact with the instructor were also important factors.

Mihalis Panteris

During my studies in AIMOVE post masters’ program, we learned everything concerning Artificial Intelligence in Movement. Machine learning, computer vision, gesture recognition, and movement aesthetics are some examples of courses that we attend. Moreover, the structure of the program is very intense, interesting and well organised. Every week an expert from around the globe was giving lessons of a specific domain that extend our horizon of knowledge. I am pleased by the fact that we had the opportunity to live a studio-based experience in a motion capture studio. Furthermore, we have visited a lot of companies that are active in the AI and movement.

Group project was a fantastic opportunity to apply what we have learnt on a real industrial robot that was provided.

Overall, AIMove program is a program that I would recommend to everyone that wants an exciting and intense program that is specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Movement.

Evgenios Bartzeliotis

I am a member of “AIMove” post masters’ program at Ecole MINES ParisTech. First of all, it’s a great pleasure to participate in such a challenging master program at one of the top French Schools. Here, I got the opportunity to meet the students and the professors from different nations hailing from different professional backgrounds. Everyone in this program was nice and professional; discussed the topics on AI and movement in a global view, integrated the knowledge of different fields and implemented them on the international industrial task. The whole process sounds easy but it’s really hard to complete and take a long time to get the satisfying results. From my perspective, the courses is more aiming at guiding the students to use the professional advanced AI methods to handle the problems in the movement field. For example, one will get the experience of motion capturing in the Mocap lab, wear the suits with marks on it and the infrared camera will record your movement, based on the data analysis by state of arts machine learning methods. Then, can make the gesture recognition and gesture prediction. Finally, I think the AIMove is really an interesting and professional program in the field of artificial intelligence and movement. One will get access in hearing the views of experts from different fields who is implementing AI methods in those domains. And I truly thank them for they shared their experiences of both success and failure with me during the courses.

Zeqi Zhu

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