Nokia Paris-Saclay, Honda Research Institute EuropeSileane adaptive robotics, Becton, Dickinson and Company(BD) are the names of the companies and institutions where students conducted their professional mission for AIMove 2018-19. In this article, they share a smattering of their experience of how they carried into effect the skills they got from AIMove training in different fields of application, where AI challenges are on the frontline.

Student of the AIMove Post-Master program and I did my internship at Nokia Paris-Saclay. Nokia is a Finnish company with a history over 150 years, well known in telecommunications, and nowadays is one of the main actors on the 5G networks. The goal of my internship was to implement objects on movement detection and alerting solution using artificial intelligence and taking advantage of the 5G networks. The good guidance and the comments of my tutors helped me to walk through the difficulties. All the members of my team provided me ideas and suggestions that they were a great source of inspiration. During my internship, I acquired new skills that broaden my knowledge in machine learning, telecommunications and web integration methods that are widely used by Nokia Software. 

 Evgenios Bartzeliotis, AIMove student 2018-19

I was an intern at Sileane, an AI, computer vision and robotics company. There, I found myself within an actual industrial challenge. My main role was to develop and implement a solution that combine all the algorithms as the Deep learning model, the 3D search, and the heuristic one in order to be able to extract the product. 

Kevin Giroux, AIMove student 2018-19

Conducted my internship and master thesis in Honda Research Institute Europe in Germany. It is a high quality research center with aim to conduct research in multiple scientific and innovative fields including autonomous vehicles, robotics and machine learning. My project was in the intersection of robotics and machine learning and particularly in imitation learning for human-robot interaction.  The main mission was to develop a learning framework for the effective learning of waving gestures from human examples and their adaptation in the interaction scenario. Working in the HRI was a very nice experience since it has a very friendly environment and there are many international students. What I also appreciated in the HRI is the fact that there are frequent scientific talks from scientists and academic faculty members from around the world. Last but not least, living in Frankfurt was also a pleasant experience since, as claimed by the locals, it is the smallest metropolis in the world. 

Mihalis Panteris, AIMove student 2018-19

Data Science intern in an American medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) for the computer vision R&D mission on the subject of “ Semi-quantification and identification of bacterial colonies with Convolutional Neural Networks in Digital Microbiology Imaging ”.

The job is carried out as an AI tech cooperation between BD Kiestra R&D imaging & algorithm department and BD data scientist department. My job is mainly to implement the deep learning methods on the BD lab automation visual system and help the image & algorithm team to have a basic understanding on the implementation of deep learning methods on the microbiological image classification and identification missions. Some breakthroughs have been achieved in my work compared to their origin study. During the internship, I get the hands-on working experience on big data and CNNs model development and multi-gpus training on the Virtual Machine, like Azure, AWS and Google cloud, as well as team work on the Azure DevOps platform.

And all of that achievements are thanks to the knowledge I grasped during the AImove courses, the skills I gained in the machine learning, computer vision in the hands-on TP training, of course other working skills I learned all seem to be a perfect match to my internship requirements in the company.

Zeqi Zhu, AIMove student 2018-19

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