Virtual and Augmented Reality

Course description
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are technologies with the experience at their heart. This experience with can be realistic, symbolic or can come from the imagination. The main objective of the course is to learn the fundamentals of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, questioning what are immersion and interaction processes involved creating and ‘living’ in the virtual environments. The course articulates definition, theory about Sensory-motor, Cognitive and Functional levels and hands-on with hardware devices and software. We will detail then immersion in regards to these levels and we will focus then on the increasing use of gestures in AR and VR to interact. The final goal is to give the students the autonomy to understand the limits and the possibilities of the medium.


  • Learn the basics concerning Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and examine the processes of immersion and interaction.
  • Articulate a definition and master the theory on sensorimotor, cognitive and functional levels, and practice with hardware and software devices.
  • Acquire the tools to be autonomous to understand the limits and possibilities of the medium “RV and RA”

Academic Instructor
Philippe Fuchs|MINES ParisTech