User Interaction/User Experience (UI/UX)

Course description

In this course, we propose to explore the basis of User Interaction and User Experience in order to assess and understand the methodologies for Interaction Design and gestural interface creation wirth gestures. After a brief overview of the areas of expertise with the analysis of the main use cases regarding Human Computer Interface (HCI), video games interaction, and interactive installation in new media arts. This course deals with fundamental concepts of cognitive science and ergonomics analysis.

We also explore the emotional aspect of interaction with such approach like Kensai engineering. We propose then some tools and methodology in order to collect and evaluate user experience regarding interaction using gestures.


  • The fundamental concept of User Interfaces
  • The fundamental concept of User¬†Experiences
  • The fundamental concepts of cognitive science and ergonomics
  • To explore and to analyze the main design studies on UI/UX
  • The methodology for usage and gesture interaction analysis
  • The methodology for Interaction Design and user interface creation

Academic Instructor

Vincent Meyrueis| AIMove’s academic director for Paris8