Project coordination for human-centered engineering

Course description
This module deals with project management. The fundamental concepts are: typology of projects and structuring, graphic representation tools (Gantt chart, networks, critical road), anteriority between the tasks, critical path and lead-time margins, allocation of resources, levelling and smoothing of the load, costs, uncertain environment, project monitoring, organizational change and existing software. These notions are then illustrated through real-life cases. Particular attention will be paid to the notion of variability of tasks, which is inherent in human-centred engineering.


  • Mastery of the fundamental concepts of project management.
  • Understanding of the roles of the different actors in a project: director, steering committee, project manager, business engineer, architect, partners, customers, etc.
  • Following the 4 main stages of a project: 1) Structuring, 2) Planning, 3) Follow-up and 4) Feedback.
  • Understanding the limitations of existing software in assigning resources to differ-ent tasks.
  • Planning the initial costs of a project (CBTP), then tvracking the project using the CBTE and CRTE curves.

Academic Instructor
Simon Tamayo|MINES ParisTech