Professional thesis

At the end of the master’s degree, each student must support a professional thesis. It is about a research work, that links the theoretical knowledge acquired during the MS AIMove with practical aspects, and the experience gained through his/her internship. What is more, it is an opportunity to personalise your work and realise a research driven by your own aspirations, influenced by the nature of the internship and the selection of the option courses.

Conducted under the supervision of a faculty member, the thesis subject is discussed between the student and the company where he/she realised the internship and ultimately validated by the head of AIMove.

The final grade of the assignment (professional thesis and oral defense) counts for 5/8 the overall score of AIMove (30 out of 75 ECTS).

So for the internship, as also for the thesis, an academic tutor is designated by the Head of AIMove according to the theme to followed by the student, the counselor, visit him in the company, as well as an industrial tutor.

An agreement is signed between the School-Student-Company.