Personalised healthcare and IoT (Internet of Things)


Course description
Remarkably, due to the rapid proliferation of wearable devices and smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled technology is evolving with regard to healthcare from providing conventional hub-based system to more personalized healthcare system (PHS). The successful utilization of IoT enabled technology in PHS will facilitate faster and safer preventive care, lower overall cost, improved patient-centered practice and enhanced sustainability. Future IoT-enabled PHSs will be realized by providing highly customized access to rich medical information and efficient clinical decision-making to each individual with unobtrusive and successive sensing and monitoring. This module will focus on: a) the state-of-the-art research and applications in utilizing IoT-enabled technology for healthcare systems, b) analysis of efficient scientific and engineering solutions, c) address of the needs and challenges for integration with new technologies, and d) provision of visions for future research and development in the area via novel smart sensing technologies, IoT architectures, services, applications, and AI-based data analytics for PHS and applications.


  • understand the basic terminology and parameters involved in PHS and IoT spectrum
  • explore the IoT System Architectures in Healthcare, Optimization of Healthcare Sys-tems and Network Communications/Data Transmission for Health Sensor Data
  • understand the types of Wearable Sensor Integration for Healthcare
  • apply data mining and exploration of health data
  • understand the standards and interoperability, Security and Privacy in IoT Healthcare
  • explore Cloud Technologies for IoT Healthcare
  • build knowledge for social impact and perspective of PHS/IoT as enablers in the im-provement of the healthcare system

Academic Instructor
Leontios Hadjileontiadis|AIMove’s Academic Director for AUTh