Perception, emotion and the aesthetics of movement

Course description

“A gesture is a motion of the body that contains information. Waving goodbye is a gesture. Pressing a key on a keyboard is not a gesture, all that matters is which key was pressed. This is true regardless of the gesture that was used to push the key. It could have been pushed lovingly or in anger” (Billinghurst 2011). The understanding of movement quality is a new challenge that goes beyond the arts such as dance or performance which explore it since the last century. Movement quality and emotions are deeply related, and human gesture is directly influenced. This course allows to explore gesture and movement through quantitative and also traditional qualitative descriptors. The goals are to consider movement both as an interactive input but also as an output regarding interactive applications. We will focus on artistic and prospective use cases and applications in different use cases.


  • Open to the challenges in movement quantity and quality
  • Explore human perception of gesture and cognitive considerations
  • Understand the relations and connections between emotions and movement
  • Open the knowledge considering aesthetics of movement in arts and digital arts

Academic Instructor

Jean-François Jégo, Vincent Meyrueis|AIMove’s Academic Directors for Paris8