Movement-based interactive systems and sonification

Course description
This module introduces the main methods for designing movement-based interactive systems. The course is comprised of theoretical and methodological contents, as well as practice-based projects equating with realistic use cases. The course will cover the main concepts of user-centered interaction design, as well as the technical bases of movement analysis and sonication (sensors, signal processing, motion analysis, gesture recognition, sound synthesis). These notions will then be further developed in group projects based on actual cases of movement-based interactive systems.


  • learn to design movement-based interactive systems in a participatory way
  • identify appropriate motion capture solutions
  • understand the technical bases of movement signal processing and gesture recognition as well as their context of application
  • use tools for motion analysis, sound synthesis and mapping;
  • learn to apply knowledge in designing an actual case study and implement an interactive system linking human movement and sonification

Academic Instructor
Frédéric Bevilacqua| AIMove’s Academic Director for IRCAM
Jules Françoise, Baptiste Caramiaux | CNRS-LIMSI