Motion capturing: Studio-based experience

Course description
This module aims to put students in the situation of a ‘movement engineer’ who aims to record, edit, and return movements for a given project. Beyond the pure description of biomechanics of the human body and the diverse available tools, the main goal will be to make students aware of what the nature of the ‘signal’ movement is and what needs to be done to respect him in their work. They will discover the aspects related to the facial, the eyes, the fingers, accessories, but also the matter of re-targetting, post-animation or style. The main approach will be based on the concrete experience of a project conceived and directed by and for themselves, including a real recording session on a very high-quality platform. (1 day) On the one hand, they will be able to carry out all the necessary steps (preparation, distribution of tasks, possible tools, post-treatments, traps, attention to detail…), but also to experiment live the extreme subtlety and finesse of actual ‘movement’.


  • Become aware of the extreme finesse of the “movement” material
  • Experiment on a high-end professional tool
  • Make a personal project
  • Discover fundamental notions such as retargetting, uncanny valley, VOR etc.

Academic Instructor
Rémi Brun|Mocaplab