Ethics and privacy by design

Course description

Today, as we work, consume, move around, we almost inevitably ‘produce’ data. In addition to this exponential growth in Big Data, to all the data which comes directly from the human activity, there is also the data produced by connected objects, which are more and more numerous, as well as the metadata, that is to say the data generated automatically in the context of transactions and communications via the Internet. This module is an introduction to the general philosophy of data protection instruments and ethics by design. A global picture will be given to the student, including the phenomena that lead to a new state of computer law. Topics such as “Ethical Criticism of the Algorithm” and “The Right to Data Protection” will be addressed.


  • Acquire a basic knowledge around law and key principles of data protection
  • Perceive the main concepts by concrete examples that emerge today
  • Develop critical thinking in front of a new state of law
  • Use data protection theories as tools for designing one’s own projects
  • Understand how digital transformation affects legal regimes of data protection

Academic Instructor
Alina Glushkova|MINES ParisTech