Challenges for Intelligent Vehicles

Course description
Cars are incorporating more and more ‘intelligent’ driver assistance functions, and the first ‘autonomous’ vehicles (which means that can autopilot without a driver) will soon make their appearance on the market. All this is made possible in particular by progress with real-time intelligent analysis of videos. The purpose of this course is to present the specific issues in the field of intelligent vehicles, and to provide an overview of the various types of AI that they use, especially those that allow real-time ‘understanding’ of visual scenes. 

By the end of the module, students:

  • will have an overall picture of what the intelligent vehicle is, as well as the domain issues
  • will haved acquired technical expertise in terms of the application of AI on smart vehicles.
  • will have reached a better understanding of the challenges of the sector and will be able to propose concrete and innovative solutions, based on AI.

Academic Instructor
Fabien Moutarde|MINES ParisTech