Challenges for Cultural and Creative Industries

Course description
The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) cover a wide spectrum of fields such as advertising, visual arts, performing arts, crafts, design, fashion and luxury, music, television, video games, enterprises of « living treasures » (Entreprises de Patrimoine Vivant – EPV), etc.. AI is revolutionizing the way digital content is produced, used, managed and re-used. In parallel, motion capturing indicates new perspectives for the creation of movement-based interactive interfaces, their integration into everyday life and their contribution to the creation of innovative products and services. This course will focus on the best practices of using AI and motion capture technologies in CCIs and more precisely, on music and dance related AI-based startups, the game industry, fashion and craft industries etc..


  • Present best practices on AI and motion capturing in CCIs
  • Develop of critical thinking on how to integrate AI in the process of CCIs
  • Learn how to make CCIs’ content “smarter” thanks to AI and motion capturing

Academic Instructor
Sotiris Manitsaris, Edgar Heremy| MINES ParisTech
Katerina El Raheb| ATHENA Research center