AI for movement applications in the economy and society

Course description
In recent years AI applications have increasingly been dealing with “touching” the human body and aim at its’ understanding and modeling for the creation of new interactive systems. Providing machines with intelligence for better collaboration, living and learning, has not only economic but also social consequences. Thus, AI is currently at the center of discussions and debates that go beyond the digital domain because of the changes they may entail. This module aims to introduce students to the various applications of AI in relation to body and movement in industry and more professional context, as well as in creation and arts (manufacturing, healthcare, art/creativity, sports, education, intelligent vehicles etc.).


    • Introduction to the basic theoretical notions of AI
    • Presentation of a wide range of applications
    • Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of these applications through sucess and failure stories

Academic Instructor
Alina Glushkova|MINES ParisTech