Acquire cutting edge expertise

   The AIMove programme aims

  • to train project managers able to conceive, implement and take over interactive systems or intelligent workspace projects by enhancing the sensorimotor and cognitive capabilities of the user.
  • to create experts in movement engineering, prepared to take responsibility in the industry, integrating motion capturing, machine learning and movement-based interaction.
  • promote an interdisciplinary AI engagement

    The need for AIMove
    Industrial Addressing the challenges where «movement and AI» can bring solutions
    NetworkingCreation of a hub of professionals and experts
    Skills for JobsA well-rounded educational programme for a professionnal transformation of the engineer
    AcademicEmerging pedagogical methods through R&D Targeted competencies
    AI and societal challenges
    Motion capture, modeling and gesture recognition
    User Interaction/User Experience (UI/UX)
    Humans, machines and connected objects
    Movement and European industrial leadership
    Interdisciplinary AI engagement

    Movement engineers’career paths
    Machine Learning Engineer
    Computer Vision Engineer Project leader in Collaborative Robotics
    Project leader in Game Building and Gameplay
    Concept engineer for the developement of movement-based interactive systems
    Innovation manager for the Factory of the Future
    TEL Manager in industry
    Expert industrial coach on movement and AI
    SME-founder on movement and AI

    Targeted industrial sectors
    Creative Industries
    Security and Defense
    Smart Automotive Vehicles
    Arts, Cultural Industries and Museums